Let It Bee

Brush Up on Your Video Call Etiquette

With coronavirus numbers climbing again to astronomical levels across the U.S., it’s time to brush up on video call etiquette.  As communications and marketing professionals

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It’s Not Old-Fashioned To Say Thank You

As a child, my mom insisted I pen a handwritten note thanking my Grandma Schmitt for her birthday present before I even dreamed of going out to play. I wasn’t happy – that thank you note stood between me and the game of kickball going down in my neighborhood. But the next time I visited my grandma, the note was taped to her avocado green refrigerator fridge. She told me it made her smile every time she walked past. That made me feel so good. 

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Connecting to Your Supportive Breath

The stakes of your presentation may be high, however, finding a sense of calm is crucial so that you can do your job well. You don’t want to be a deer in headlights, right? Next time you are feeling stressed about presenting, you are not sure how to present or you want to simply practice, start with a supportive breath free from bad habits. 

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Presenting Confidently

What if I told you the key to presenting confidently is tied to the way you breathe? As adults we have formed bad habits that inhibit us from taking full, supportive breaths. If you have a baby you may notice, despite all the crying, they are never hoarse and never run out of energy because they are breathing naturally without worry or bad habits. 

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