Learning a New Skill in 2021

Learning a New Skill in 2021

Nothing puts 2020 further into the rear view mirror then learning a new skill.  Learning a new skill takes time, just like it takes time to master the art of public speaking. It takes time to peel away at the layered concept of presenting.

In the past, maybe you jotted down a few bullets and walked to the mic, cold without giving them much of a glance. The result? A presentation wrapped in nerves that ended in failure.

Let’s start fresh in 2021.

Let’s learn from the past by preparing more in the future.

First you have to learn to breathe and to shake the anxiety away. After you’ve done a few exercises, you do a few physical warm ups. You stumble through tongue twisters like a child. Yes, it feels strange but you will learn. Continue to embrace the changes you are making.

public speaking in front of an empty room

After you’ve warmed up your body, you must practice your speech.

Start by standing up and practicing over and over again. That old saying ‘practice makes perfect’ is true. While you practice, you must take a few minutes to analyze your speech. Then you can move periods and circle important words that you want to impart to your audience members. Now, try your speech again.  But this time, work to remember the important words and messages in your speech.  These are the messages you want your audience to walk away with.

practice makes perfect

You are now warmed up and can be clearly heard and understood.

Now that you know what you want your audience to walk away with.

Because you have practiced your presentation over and over, you can now present with ease and confidence.

Let’s kick those bad habits and start learning new skills that will make your presentations stand out in 2021.

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