About Bee Young Communications and Marketing



Bee Young Communications and Marketing concentrates on being there for you as a boutique marketing agency.  We build public relations and social media blueprints as well as content marketing profiles.  We train you to be the best in audience engagement.  We also coach you to improve your presentation skills.  If you are in the market for website development, this boutique marketing agency is ready to help you with that vision.  

As a boutique marketing agency, we aren’t limited by a small space – we are here to work with you to put your best face forward and your best product out there as well.  Nicknamed Bee Young Comms, we strive to create, improve and amplify your brand with intelligent strategy.  This includes smartly crafted messaging and solid relationships.  

Michelle Schmitt Young’s boutique marketing agency, Bee Young Communications and Marketing, opened in 2020.  Buzzing from coast to coast, she shares knowledge as a public relations and social media marketing agency guru. Michelle works with each client to develop customized projects that exceed their needs and goals.  Bee Young Comms clients include B2B and B2C. Michelle is a seasoned professional who spent the majority of her career in communications and marketing.  She’s also taught media training at a high level.  In addition to work with Bee Young Comms, Michelle’s worked with premier brands in collegiate and professional athletics, higher education and healthcare. 

The Spin Chicks Podcast

In 2023, Michelle teamed up with Erika Amstadt Hirschfield to launch The Spin Chicks Podcast. the spin chicks podcast logoAs seasoned pros in the sports, public relations and multimedia business – The Spin Chicks are the perfect combination of savory and sweet. A witty duo, we share our experiences working in sports, tackling the work-life balance and how to thrive in an ever-changing industry. We also share our behind the scenes experiences in locker rooms, competition arenas and in dealing with situations head-on.  Our guests range from an Olympian to an author, an international journalist, the President of a NASCAR track and more.

Spirited. Practical. Influential.

The Spin Chicks are all about spirited conversation, the power of practical, the art of influence and the value of knowledge. We also jump in with some good old fashioned girl talk because when we aren’t working, we are trying to live their best life.  Tune in and listen. Give us a follow too! 

Susanne McDonald joined Bee Young Communications and Marketing as a consultant in late 2020.  Serving primarily as an actor and producer, she is skilled at teaching voice, speech and breathing techniques to  strengthen their public speaking abilities.  Learn more about Susanne by checking out her website.