Work From Home Out of the House

Work From Home Out of the House

Do you get lonely working from home, regardless of how busy you are with your small business? I’ve been working from home for three years now. I am very productive and get a lot done on a daily basis. But, I decided recently I’m lonely: I need some human interaction. It might be time for me to work from home out of the house once in awhile.

I Need More Human Contact

After working from home the last three years, I need more time around people. Even if they are on Zoom calls like me. I need eye contact with humans outside of all these Zoom calls, emails and texts.  I’m super busy with my successful small business at home.  But I’m ready to see more people and order iced tea instead of making it. I’d love to go out for a walk around a different block.  I want to get out of the house, but not go back to an office on a daily basis. Maybe I need to work from home out of the house once in awhile?

New Plan of Attack for Work From Home

I gave this idea of taking this show on the road a lot of thought. I talked to a few people and they suggested I find a coffee shop or hip restaurant to work at once in awhile.  At first I wasn’t sure. How productive would it be to drive somewhere in traffic and work elsewhere?  I gave it some real thought and decided it is worth trying. So, starting today, Monday, Jan. 30, Bee Young Communications and Marketing is taking it on the road.  I’m going to try a new location once a week to work outside my home.

First Stop: Capital One Club in Hyde Park Village

Out for a walk a couple of weeks ago with my hair stylist, Michele DiSalvo, she loved the idea and suggested a few places in South Tampa.  FYI: She knows everyone and everything.  Monday I picked the Capital One Cafe in Hyde Park Village in Tampa. It’s really nice – lots of indoor and outdoor seating, huge door/windows to see the comings and goings in the Hyde Park Village Circle, a 50% Capital One discount on food and beverages (Peets Coffee!) and free WIFI. It’s clean, has a fun vibe and it’s FREE to hang out and work. You can even reserve community rooms for meetings or loud conference calls. And even better, it’s next door to West Elm, Anthropologie, Lululemon and more!  And a lot of cool stores eateries.

Suggestions for Other Spots in Tampa?

Anyone else have suggestions for the next few weeks or months? Tips on how to meet people too? This could be the new me for the Year of the Water Rabbit: Plan A and Plan B for the Fire Horse. Leave suggestions in the comments or on my Bee Young Comms social media.

Check Back for More Work From Home on the Road Spots

I’m back home from my adventure today. I’m energized and thoroughly enjoyed it. I took a few work calls and got a lot of social media work done too.  I even survived without my two 32 inch curved Samsung monitors. Check back in the coming weeks for news on how this works out. I promise I’ll leave reviews on each of the spots I visit as well.

PS I’m going back to work at the Capital One Cafe on Wednesday. I want to join in the fun and visit Posies Flower Truck. Do you blame me?

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