ONE WAY: Up, Up and Away

ONE WAY: Up, Up and Away

girl with black top standing in front of street sign with green tree behind herCelebrating Two Years of Bee Young Comms

JUST ONE WAY: Up, Up and Away! We’re celebrating two years of Bee Young Communications and Marketing in the last week. The cover picture above summed it all up.

On Memorial Day my husband and I were riding bikes in Charleston and rode by Bee Street. WAIT A MINUTE! Stop and turn around! We had to take a snap! There was Nick Young — practically laying on the ground taking the photo – saying ‘just one photo — that’s it!’ (As he cut off my feet!). And me wishing I’d stood differently. But that was it. One photo. We laughed and got back on the bikes and pedaled on.

Working Together Is Important

Back at the hotel, I looked; and honestly the photo was perfect. It made me so happy (I loved the ONE WAY sign next to the Bee Street sign — I didn’t even notice it before!) The last two years — so many times we worked together to build the business, do the taxes, keep me smiling, ordering something, adding doors to my office, figuring things out. A few times he literally carried me to the next task because I wasn’t sure of myself.

Sprinting Ahead

Other times I was sprinting ahead fast and furious because I knew the right way like the back of my hand. It’s been so much fun and it’s been so hard. I’ve learned so much. I love that part of it!

Thank You to the Clients!

I’m so happy I finally decided to strike out on my own. Discover more about how I decided to forego sending out resumes and instead working on a business plan by clicking here.

To those of you I have done work for — thank you for having faith in me. To those of you considering hiring me – take a chance! I’m here and I’m ready! Cheers to many more years of Bee Young Comms!  Thank you again – it’s truly an honor to be celebrating two years of Bee Young Communications and Marketing!