Presenting Confidence Consultant Added

Presenting Confidence Consultant Added

Bee Young Communications and Marketing has added Susanne McDonald as a Presenting Confidence consultant. Susanne is a talented actor and devising theatre artist.  As a consultant, Susanne works as a media training coach with Presenting Confidence.  She also contributes as a content writer for the Let It Be blog.

Susanne is an entrepreneur and presentation coach by trade.  Teaching voice, speech and breathing techniques, she strives to train people outside of the theatre industry. Her goals are to better their vocal health and public speaking abilities. 

“I’ve known Susanne for years,” said Bee Young Comms creator Michelle Young. “Susanne is a talented artist.  She is very gifted.  Above all, Susanne adds so much spark and passion. She has a unique ability to communicate and engage with her audience.  And she is already proving to be effective in training our clients.” 

Susanne’s resume

Susanne received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Contemporary Theatre from the Boston Conservatory at Berklee.  She minored in Creative Entrepreneurship.  In addition, she has a classical acting diploma from the London Academy of Dramatic Arts

Susanne is in her 12th year of training and working in theatre.  Susanne’s resume includes a nomination as Best Actor/Actress at the Southeast Regional Film Festival.  It was for her work in “The House Guest”.  The film won Best Horror Short in the 2020 Kosice International Film Festival.

Susanne is a proud native of Charleston, SC.  She teaches at the Cultural Arts Center of Charleston.  And Susanne also works as an assistant director with Pure Theatre.  Recently, she completed a devising theatre and arts administration internship with San Francisco’s foolsFURY.

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